Gionee Pioneer P3- Value for Money

Gionee Pioneer P3

Chinese counterparts have always been ferocious competitors for Indian businesses. Now, with the advent of Chinese products in the Indian Phone Market also, there is a lot of buzz around. The latest buzz has been because of the launch of model Pioneer P3 by Gionee which is a Chinese android phone manufacturer.

The various ranges of products by Gionee has given a tough time to all brands in the Indian android market ranging from Sony, Samsung, LG etc. But now with this model, they have taken a toll on even the value for money phone makers like Karbonn and Micromax. Although the brand is well established in China, it is now trying to carve a space for itself in India also. The latest model Pioneer P3 is the company’s latest ace. The phone has all the stunning features at an amazing price of just Rs.7500.

The phone is available in two gorgeous colors, which are black and white. Both the colors make the phone look equally stunning. The phone is designed on the basis of candy bar design philosophy with all the corners rounded. The back side is shiny and is made up of plastic. You can also find a matte finish back in the black variant.
It has a big 4.3 inches display and 480*800 pixel resolution. The contrast and brightness ranges are pretty big and you can set them according to your needs. The visibility is not compromised in sunlight. The color distinction in the display is also very good.

It has a back camera of 5.0 Megapixel. There is also a front camera of 0.3 Megapixel. For clicking a photograph you can even customize the volume keys for click and zoom. This is a rare feature in most of the other androids. There is also an inbuilt app which lets you superimpose pictures and add various beautiful frames to the pictures. The quality of the images are good for a 5.0 MP camera. Are you interested in learning more about the latest technologies? Visit this website for useful information

The phone has 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with some of the features which are customized by the company to match the stock Jelly Bean interface. There are five screens where you can customize the widgets that you want. The music application is very beautiful with a lot of colors blended and is very easy to use. You can also access the play store from the phone. There are few pre-installed games also which you can uninstall if you do not want them.

There is no provision for recording HD videos. The quality of the video recorded was not very good. Also photographs clicked indoors without flash and outdoors with flash were grainy and not up to the mark. The battery life is not very impressive, especially when browsing and playing games. It heats up during gaming and browsing. The heating is even more while it is charging.

Music played on speakers and headphones is not of very high quality. Even when you use premium wireless headphones. Although it is loud the quality of the sound is a turn off for music lovers. You definitely have to compromise on some of the features if you are buying this phone.