Bitcoin and Web-hosting Service: Privacy and Anonymity

Bitcoin and Web-hosting Service

A hosting provider allows clients space on a server which is either owned by or leased out to them. Organizations and individuals can access their websites via the internet connectivity provided by the companies. The provider charges for the services the clients enjoy. Now, we all have idea about the traditional ways of payment. Along with that a business can pay with cyptocurrency or bitcoin. This is a virtual currency without an administrator. It can be sent from user to user through P2P or peer-to-peer bitcoin network.

With a web hosting plan of a standard rate, you can get a good page loading speed. ¬†This is of the utmost importance when it comes to yielding a considerable rate of conversion. Recent research shows that a second’s delay in loading the page reduces user satisfaction by 16-18%. Naturally, it affects the rate of conversion too.

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Bitcoin and web-hosting

Many businesses and individuals tend to pay with bitcoin due to the simplicity it has. There is no use of a credit card to settle the web-hosting invoices. This is considered to be a bonus benefit. Even there are providers out there who allow simple integration to pay with bitcoin. To discover more about the top bitcoin-accepting web hosts, visit this website:  

This process of integrating Bitcoin payment is a very simple one. Released in 2009, Bitcoin was developed by unknown individuals. There is no central authority and this makes the participants solely responsible. While the transactions are open to public, the identity of the individuals involved is not. Bitcoin blockchain is the public ledger where these transactions are stored.

Bitcoin is gaining popularity in the world and many businesses are being attracted to bitcoin payment. But before choosing a provider for hosting with bitcoin, it is necessary to make sure that they can offer all the tangible benefits you are looking for. There are not many providers who accept payment in crypto currencies. Make sure that your business is safe by understanding all the details of bitcoin web hosting. Always ensure that the plan you are buying offers comparable benefits to a non-bitcoin, traditional hosting provider.