Best makeup applications for your android device

makeup applications

Today in this world of selfie photography everyone wants to look gorgeous and amazing. But it is always not possible to stay groomed perfectly while taking a selfie. It may happen that you are in middle of a road or you are there at the beach with your friends. Here it may happen that you are not properly groomed while you are taking a selfie of yours. So, here are a number of applications that can help you in getting a perfect selfie. samsung-galaxy-6

Check out these amazing makeup android applications 2015 for make up that you can have in your smartphone device.


ModiFace can be claimed as the best android application till date for makeup. You can choose from a wide range of features and options. From different shades of makeup to different colors of hair color, you will have everything that can make you look stunning in the selfie.

YouCam Makeup

This is again an amazing makeup application that you can have in your android smartphone to get that ultimate makeup trick. Try out from a number of features such as different hairstyles, makeup shades and others on your image. Later on you can apply these makeup tricks on yourself in real time.


Get the world’s smartest virtual makeup application on your smartphone. With its easy features you can very easily decorate your own portrait on your device with various makeup tricks. Not only you can try out various makeup tricks here but also you can erase all your flaws to get a perfect image of yours that you can use at different places.


This particular application is hold unique due to its unique feature. The application will transform the front camera of your smartphone into a mirror. Now you can get a touch up of your makeup anywhere before you take a selfie of yours.


You want to look different from other girls in the town. Now this application will definitely help in being so. You can get tips of various beauty products and suggestions in the applications that you can use. Everyday new updates are added so that you can look trendy and ahead of the market fashion every time.

L’Oreal Makeup genius

L’Oreal is no doubt one of the best makeup brands of the world. Here is an amazing application by L’Oreal in the name of Makeup Genius. The application is mainly featured to show you about how a product such as lip color or eye makeup will look on you. After trails of various products on your face, you can check out and buy the product for your real makeup on your skin.