Windows 8 and Photoshop CS6 packaging redesign


Windows 8 and Photoshop CS6 were two of the most anticipated by the public in 2012. In addition to its technical performance programs, both products also stood out for its innovative approaches in the design of their packaging, breaking with the trends that had been in the respective previous versions. It is also a pleasant surprise that two companies like Microsoft and Adobe have chosen to enhance the look of your hardware, when the trend in the sector seem to premium digital download sales.PSNext

In early August 2012, Microsoft unveiled the packaging of the future operating system (it would be launched to the market two months later). The work was developed by studying Wolff Olins. In the new design of the product revealed the presence of a new brand logo that is intended to convey the idea of speed and movement. It also wants to link the company with the world of Web 2.0. This change is not surprising. If memory is done, the company logo is usually parallel to renew launches its revolutionary software.

If we focus on Windows 8 boxes we see white dominates in the packaging of the basic version; while the Pro find a dark gray. Both colors are the basis of design, combined with more living in one of the corners of the box ranges, and within the windowpanes of the logo. Microsoft has also significantly reduced the size of these packages: weigh 37% less than previous versions.

In the case of Photoshop CS6, the design of their packaging stands out for its psychedelic inspiration. It is a face made of floral elements. A great work of Italian Alberto Seveso. This proposal breaks radically with the work previously seen in this software boxes, betting by an image of functionality. Now, we want to make clear that we are facing a brand that is closely linked to creativity.

In fact, Adobe has spread this message to all your Creative Suite CS6 line, the set of 19 programs. Also, it has also sought to support a more international image, and designers from around the world as the Spanish Sergio Albiac have participated in these flashy packaging work. In addition, the San Francisco study Tolleson coordinated the project.

With this bet as groundbreaking, Adobe has sought to reinforce brand loyalty especially among a particularly demanding public as they are design professionals. That is to say, they are in the forefront. Joint product also want to convey a very clear idea: creativity knows no boundaries.

Both Microsoft and Adobe clearly bet on the packaging to convey values. For Windows 8, they reaffirm the will to be a leading company that wants to be in line with the new times that has brought the Web 2.0 and new technologies. Without losing the roots. Meanwhile, Photoshop CS6 has opted for a bold design showing at first sight a great emphasis on creativity.