What is Automatic Call Distribution System (ACD)?

An ACD system is a very important part of every call center. By receiving incoming calls and sorting them based on your personal conditions, an ACD system can easily enhance the efficiency of your call or contact center by transferring your callers directly to the right person.

How to utilize ACD systems to streamline your calls?

ACD stands for Automatic Call Distribution system. Such systems are more and more frequently used in call centers around the world to help manage their increasing traffic. An Automatic Call Distribution system can quickly and effortlessly distribute your calls whenever your call traffic is too high to manage by human employees.

Your call center agents won’t be online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To manage such a timetable, you would need to hire many more employees than necessary, straining your budget. Instead, let an Automatic Call Distribution system handle your callers automatically, without any involvement from your team.

Further benefits of an ACD system

A vast majority of your receiving calls will be callers with very similar questions and matters to resolve. Instead of appointing an individual agent for each of these cases, an Automatic Call Distribution system can automate a variety of responses for Frequently Asked Questions and all the most common queries in your company.

Thanks to ACD routing, you will be able to take your callers directly to the right agent by means of a fully automated process, allowing you to shorten all of your calls by a significant margin. Depending on your company type and preferences, the ACD system can be highly customized to serve your needs better. You yourself can determine the order in which the callers are assigned to your agents, based on your own criteria. They can also be distributed evenly among all the agents, prioritizing idle agents or agents with less workload.

Streamline your calls with VCC Live

VCC Live is a company with years of expertise in creating and implementing solutions such as an Automatic Call Distribution system. Our team of experienced professionals will efficiently optimize your customer support experience, allowing you to assign your incoming calls to the most suitable employee. Our products are used by over 400 clients in more than 50 countries worldwide, from such brands as telecommunications, finance, e-commerce, logistics, and more.