Essential tips for an escape from tarkov players

tarkov players

Escape from Tarkov is the popular survival first-shooter multiplayer game that incorporates gear loadouts, scavenging and other unique features. Winning in the game is not an easy task as you need to know essential tips, and you have to follow the right strategies to win in the game. People would love the game but finds it hard to win in the game. Even the experienced players could not win the game easily. You have an option escape from tarkov hacks that can be used in the game to win in the game without many efforts. If you are looking to boost your kill count, then check out these below tips.

Stick to one map:       

If you are a beginner, don’t bounce around the different maps on the game. It is essential to learn the map before entering to play the game. Having a map knowledge helps to improve the chances of survival in the game. There are different things in the map that you have to learn before kick start playing such as extracts, loot locations, stashes, scav spawns and PMC. If you have strong knowledge of the map, then you could focus on other aspects like gun fighting, looting, buying items, and efficiency in the gameplay. Learning one map and sticking to them is one of the best ways to win in tarkov game.

Choose scav raids:

You might be aware that escape from tarkov offers different raids. Choosing scav runs would be the best choice that will help to save money. Because you will not use your own equipment, and things getting in the raid is pure profit. The gear that is available in the scav menu is valuable. You might see AI scav as easy prey to kill, but you could use them for killing other enemies. It is the trick that you can use in the game, you can act as AI scav, and the enemies would ignore you. Also, scav AI alert you if there is any nearby target. You can avoid killing other scavs if you prefer to play scav raids.

Insure the weapons:

As a beginner, you can ensure all your gear that would cost much less. But you will get high returns, and the items will stay insured until you die in the game. Also, if you die other players would not take your gear, and you will get back insurance returns. To play more effectively use an escape from tarkov hacks in the gameplay.