Online Learning – Redefining Education

Online Learning - Redefining Education

Lido Learning is an Educational Technology which is based in Mumbai. This Edtech was started by Sahil Sheth which helps children of various age groups learn different interesting subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, and even Coding. Lido Learning is a year old, it was founded in the year 2019.

Even a few years ago children learned almost everything in their schools. They learned from their teachers through direct interactions. There has been a lot of changes in the field of science and technology. This is reflected in our daily lives. We have now started to normalize the use of modern technologies which were even unthinkable a decade ago.

Children are getting more familiar with the technologies. In 2020, online classes now hold a very important role in shaping a child’s future. It’s been more than six months since the children are away from their schools due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. Parents can never compromise their child’s future due to anything. Children cannot be kept away from their education. It is their basic right. Thus, various online educational platforms are now evolving.

Children are only learning only the parts which are in their School’s syllabus. Why limit a child’s scope of learning? With Lido Learning the children can learn a step beyond their syllabus.


The following advantages of Lido Learning are:

  • They provide unbound knowledge in the subjects of Mathematics, Science, English, and even Coding. Coding is not a part of the syllabus in many schools, thus limiting the child’s knowledge is not right. With Lido Learning the child can learn codes from a very young age.
  • The teachers provide interactive sessions online. The classes are not always one way in Lido Learning. Communication is a two-way process, if the classes are always one-sided then the teacher cannot make sure if the child is learning or not.
  • Lido Learning provides videos for better learning, different activities, and quizzes to make studying more fun! This is what makes Lido Learning better from the other Educational Technologies.
  • They even give homework to the children to ensure the habit of a complete practice.
  • The classes are provided both in English and Hindi. The teachers use, easy language so that there are no problems faced by the students. Lido Classes are designed in a student friendlier way.

Since March 2020, Lido Learning has noted about a 25 percent rise in its daily users. They are gradually growing and spreading more knowledge among people. Lido Learning is providing knowledge about coding to the young generation of our country which is very important for the future generation. Lido Classes are a successful educational platform now. They are also providing scholarships to the deserving young minds for their better future.


Lido Learning provides India’s Best Interactive online classes. A child can become a fluent English Speaker, take part in National and International Olympiads, and have many more opportunities. A window of new opportunity awaits for the children, learn through Lido Learning.