List of Data Backup Tools that You Need to Use

Data Backup Tools

Despite the high functionalities and features, laptops can also crash or can get misplaced. This means that the important data kept within the laptop is gone forever. Unless of course, you can recover the laptop, but the chances for that is extremely low. So instead of focusing on just your laptop or your desktop, you need to think of an alternate space where you can keep your documents and official data safe. This is when the need for online backup solution emerges.

cloud computingTechnology has progressed a lot over the years and it is because of this reason that today there are so many options to choose from. In fact users choose a particular form of backup option from the list so that they can pick the one that addresses their issues the most. Interestingly, online backup also requires special tools that will help to keep things moving. So let us take a look at the list that will make choosing easy.

CrashPlan– This software lets you backup important data in folders that have multiple destinations. This is one positive that helps you keep your data in multiple places at the same time. Furthermore, you can have access to these folders from any location, the only requirement is to have this software with you. You get to enjoy these privileges without paying anything.All you need to do is integrate this software and make sure that you have a strong network connection.

Memopal– The biggest attraction of Memopal is the fact that it offers 3GB online storage free so that you can have effective backup of your data. Make sure you download and install this software in your device that has an interface supporting the features and functionalities. This software has the ability to auto synchronize files and folders those have been kept pre selected so that they are stored in the right location with no chance of getting the data misplaced or corrupted.

Mozy– Mozy is open to letting users store as well as keep backup of photos, word documents and videos with the help of good Internet. This software also has additional features like scheduled or even automatic backup, encryption, bandwidth throttling and even easy mobile accessibility.

BuddyBackup– This is considered to be one of the friendliest among all the available software to maintain backup data. With the help of this software you can have backup of your data saved carefully on your friend’s desktop. However, there is sufficient amount of security attached with this form of data backup. You get to encrypt your data before sending it in your friend’s desktop. This indicates that your data is kept safe and no one other than you can have access to that data. This software is mostly used when you are running out of space but need to have backup of your data.

ADrive– In case you are looking for sufficient amount of free online space, then ADrive is the software that you mustdownload and install today. This software allows upto 50GB free cloud store space. With the help of ADrive, you can store and edit your backup file.

Online backup is quite a common practice and it is hugely popular in the UK. This is the reason, these software along with several others are considered to be the safest online backup in UK. So if you are looking for options, then it safe to try some of the names listed above.