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Asus N550 JV – A Cool Handsome Notebook

Asus N550 JV

It is a sturdy, slim and gorgeous notebook that operates smoothly. The bottom is made of plastic, yet it is does not compromise on the sturdiness of the gadget as the rest of it is made of strong aluminum. The lid is of dark gray color and has a smooth glossy finish which makes it smudge – proof and scratch resistant.

The 2 speakers are embedded in the aluminum deck. This look is accentuated by blue colored ripple-dot effects which surround a button for “Instant” on the left and a “Power” button on the right. The “instant” button is a new feature which lets you customize it to launch any application that you choose for it. Indicators like power, battery back-up, hard disk working etc. are given at the moment and are indicated by different colored lights.

With an i7 quad core processor and an 8GB RAM, the speed is amazing and impressive. It also has an ample 1 TB storage space for all your content. It also has a very small boot up time of just 11 seconds which is very impressive. Although, it is sturdy and small, it produces minimal heat during working and negligible sound from its cooling fans. So it is very easy to keep it on your lap and use it, even for long durations.

The keyboard is spacious and still accommodates a number pad in it. The keyboard also has a featured backlight to enable working in the low light conditions. Equally spacious and easy to use is the touchpad. The battery life is surprisingly long amounting to 3 hours and 46 minutes. The speaker quality is exhilarating and the sounds are very clear and distinct, thus accentuating your movie watching and gaming experiences. It is also supplemented by a subwoofer that comes with it, which further adds to the quality and the clarity of the sound. One added feature is that it provides a Blu-ray drive instead of a DVD-RW drive.

Unlike other notebooks it has got ample width which lets it accommodate number pads on its LED-backlit keyboard. The keys are silver colored giving it a gorgeous appearance. The display is sharp and clear.

There are still some flaws in the design. The brushed finish makes it loose some of its luster. With other notebooks going slimmer and sleeker, it weighs around 5.6 lb, which is way more than other notebooks. Also it is bigger than the other notebooks. There is a mesh like film in the screens and icons if you look at the screen carefully, which is a downside as compared to other notebooks. There are no buttons for left and right click on the touchpad. We have to put a lot of force to make a click.

Overall, it is a good replacement for your old desktop.

It provides high-quality sounds and visuals during gaming and watching movies. And, also it is sturdy and durable. Visit pickcheaplaptops.com For further information about laptops and notebooks. Here you can find guide reviews, laptops according to your need and in affordable budget.