Benefits of Using an AI-Enabled Next Generation Firewall to Protect Your Business


Cyberattacks are rising, and AI-enabled business firewall systems are a simple way to protect your business from cybercriminals. You can’t be too careful these days! To get ahead of the curve, you may need to deploy an AI-enabled firewall system that helps to prevent and detect cyber threats in your network before they cause damage or data loss. Here are the many benefits of using an AI-enabled firewall to protect your business.

1. Effective Protection Against Sophisticated Cyber Attacks

The new AI-powered cybersecurity solutions offer state-of-the-art protection against today’s sophisticated cyber attacks and protect your network and endpoints from evolving threats. With advanced machine learning and intelligence, the next-generation business firewall can learn patterns and detect anomalies in traffic flows across IP networks.

The industry has shifted towards this new technology to help overcome attackers’ methods, such as bypassing signature detection or using polymorphic malware that traditional heuristic checks can’t identify. Advanced artificial intelligence-based systems can now find threats without needing rules for specific exploits or malware types. These AI-enabled firewalls can understand what is typical for a user’s network activity and what isn’t. The protection against breaches that artificial intelligence offers will ensure that your data remains secure.

2. Improved Performance and User Experience

Intrusion prevention with cognitive computing makes it easier for employees to focus on tasks and helps them avoid distractions. In addition, it can identify which threats are most likely to be credible to prevent time wastage by investigating harmless events. Furthermore, it offers a tailored user experience that is more intuitive than traditional firewalls, thereby improving its performance and user experience.

Also, intrusion prevention with cognitive computing provides proactive protection against zero-day attacks with unknown signatures—the most dangerous type of threat. With a reliable next-generation firewall service provider like Sangfor Technologies, you get a dedicated firewall expert who proactively monitors network activity in real time. They will block any suspicious traffic before it reaches your organization’s devices, helping you protect sensitive data and devices from advanced cyberattacks.

3. It’s Proactive, Not Reactive

A vital benefit of an AI-enabled firewall is that it is proactive, not reactive to threats or disruptions in your network environment. The goal is to anticipate potential threats or breaches and avoid them before they happen. The result is increased productivity, reduced downtime, lower IT costs, and less chance of human error in security incidents. Consequently, users can get back to what they do best – running their business – without worrying about whether their employees are safe on the internet.

Additionally, you can use a sandboxing function on the AI-enabled firewall, which takes up very little space on your system and analyzes every single file downloaded by users on the internet. That way, it helps protect all of your business’s information from malicious intruders and prevents breaches from happening.

4. Offers Personalized User Experience

An AI-enabled business firewall provides a personalized experience through machine learning by examining data and presenting the safest available option for a user. Experts can configure your AI-enabled business firewall to offer security settings based on different factors such as location, device type, time of day, network connections, what applications are running, etc. Your team will have control over how much or how little authority you want users to have over their system settings so they don’t make risky changes that could put their sensitive data at risk.

That way, if someone accidentally clicks on a phishing email in Outlook, which attackers have spoofed to look like it came from your CEO, the AI-enabled business firewall system will stop them from entering their login credentials. Additionally, it’ll warn them not to follow links in emails that might contain malware and provide suggestions about how best to protect themselves in the future.

5. Enhances Scalability

Enhancing your business with a next-generation firewall that uses artificial intelligence can help you scale faster, increase productivity, and reduce downtime and IT complexity. To improve your online security strategy,  consider using an AI-enabled next-generation firewall. It can help you optimize performance and maximize scalability while also enhancing efficiency.

That way, your business will be able to grow as your network grows without experiencing downtime. Plus, a firewall can handle routine tasks more efficiently than humans, so you’ll have more time to spend on other aspects of your business.

6. Helps Increase Productivity

With a millennial workforce, next-generation business firewalls could help businesses keep employees focused on important tasks while taking care of routine data breaches, malware, and ransomware protection. New technology developments also mean companies will spend less time trying to protect against threats and more time innovating in their industries to stay ahead of competitors.

For example, Sangfor Technologies offers a solution for small and medium-sized enterprises by delivering a single-pane-of-glass approach to network security management. The company’s cybersecurity solutions rely on AI-powered technologies. That helps monitor your networks with limited human intervention and detect threats as they happen with minimal false positives, resulting in fewer delays caused by manual investigation.

7. Faster Deployment and Ability to Integrate Security Event Correlation with Response

These days, it’s not enough to know that there is a threat. Rather, you need to know what type of threat and how to respond quickly to succeed. Traditional detection solutions that lack intelligence mean more manual efforts and wasted time spent on a needless investigation, as false positives can lead security teams down blind alleys.

However, with next-generation firewalls from Sangfor Technologies with behavioral analysis and machine learning built-in features, these machines can act proactively by integrating security event correlation with response.


Many next-generation firewalls are equipped with customizable pre-built rules to include your specific firewall needs. These features include application inspection, adaptive bot detection, security for IoT devices, and more. However, newer malware threats are taking advantage of misconfigured system settings. As these threats increase in number and severity, using an AI-enabled next-generation business firewall from a reliable provider like Sangfor Technologies is essential. That way, you can stop attacks before they ever reach your network while being less taxing on your company’s resources.