Important elements of e-commerce site design


Summary: The design of the store is an important part of an e-commerce site. Actions, like placing a clear logo, highlighting promos, and showing the latest products, builds trust and potentially increases sales.

We all know the importance of a shopping cart and its features. However, one thing that very few talk about is the importance of the design and related components towards increasing sales. Here are some elements that should be a part of every e-commerce store:

Logo – Place a clear and concise logo in a prominent position on the website. Usually, the logo is found on the top left, but even centered logos are recognizable. A proper logo is a business card for your site and is a symbol of trust to your shoppers.

Deals – Assuming everything on the site is optimized, deals and discounts are a great way of attracting visitors to the site. Also, they entice existing customers and casual browsers to consider a purchase. Ensure that the promotions are prominent and visible above the fold.

Latest – You need to show what is new on your site. One of the simplest ways is to show a feed of the latest news and products. When a customer sees a constant stream of new products, they remind themselves to come back later.

Shopping cart – A common mistake is to avoid showing the shopping cart logo and button until the customer places an item in the basket. Always keep the shopping cart and its symbol visible on the top right-hand corner of the page. Doing so entices your customer to add something, and that could lead to a sale.