Determine the moving objects in the event


There are a large number of people who attend any event so it is a difficult task to determine the activity of everyone from naked eyes. The first thing on your list after you have installed CCTV cameras is
security guards bearing firearms like AK-47 and assembled AR-10 rifles. These should do it right? It will surprise you to know there’s still much more you can do to ensure the total security on the day. If you want to ensure the security of the event venue then you can connect the surveillance cameras with the advanced technological software like intelligent video analytics. It not only determines the moving object activity in the entire event but also determines any misplacement of the vehicle and objects from the event place and helps to recognize the culprit. There are many security companies like Qognify that work on the security projects with the security analytics and ensure about a secure environment.

What are the features of intelligent video analytics?

 Integrated video management – it is also integrated with the video management system and existing camera system for the security purpose. It examines every frame of video and information in the event which is recorded recording for the future use. It is also able to incorporate the data from the other devices.

Recorded video analytics – it also analyzes the surrounding environment as well as moving objects in the entire event. It also gives alerts if it finds any predefine activity in the event and vehicle parking space.  It is connected with the advanced software which can identify the perimeter breaches, people movement, objects that are removed, vehicle activity, abandoned objects etc.

Multiple camera types – there are different types of cameras used in an event for keeping an eye on the different activities.  You can use the advance software of the intelligent video analytics for connecting all the cameras on the large screen. You can determine the activity of the guest from one place and ensure the security of the entire event venue.

Video metadata indexing and search – it has a large storing capacity. If you want to use the recoding for the future investigation then you can find the video easily on your single click. You can also search your required video to investigate any crime and criminal activity through the video. It uses the advanced graphic system and hence you can get clear and sharp video.

Event correlation – it is not only used for determine only one event but you can also correlate the different events in one time. It is basically used to take an overview for the forensic search to find the criminal to solve the all criminal cases.