Facts You Need To Know About Electronic Logging Device


An ELD is the electronic solution that allows commercial motor carriers and professional truck drivers to track HOS or Hours of Service compliance easily. The CDL drivers that are needed to keep the records of duty status should use electronic logging device to document the compliance with the HOS rules. You will need to know the new rules added performance and technical specifications, which define precisely what the device should feature.

An ELD should:

  • Connect to truck’s engine for recording whether or not the vehicle is in motion.
  • Enable the driver to select and log in Off-duty, On-duty or else Not Driving On-Duty; drive segments should be selected automatically on the basis of vehicle movement.
  • Display a ROD status so that the driver can quickly see hours within a day.
  • Provide data in the format, which is standardized and can easily be transmitted to the law enforcement in varied prescribed ways like Bluetooth 2.0, wireless web services or else USB.
  • Be provider-certified in order to ensure that the device meets proper specifications.

If you’re looking forward to buy an ELD, it is better to opt for the one that has high-quality electronic onboard recorder.

The Advantages of Fleet Management System usually extend beyond the paperwork savings. Well, the savings usually result from ELD components of fleet management systems only. The FMS or else Fleet Management Systems usually offer comprehensive features that deliver significant advantages, enabling fleets to slash costs as well as make life comparatively easy for the drivers, including:

  • Decreased Expenses on Fuel

By monitoring excessive speeding events or else truck idle times, the fleets can further build the incentive programs for the drivers that help in increasing fuel efficiency.

  • Reduced Truck Downtime

The users of Fleet Management System can notice lessened vehicle downtimes of almost 15% as well as enhanced vehicle utilization of nearly 13%, as per the studies by Aberdeen Group.

  • Lowered Crash Rates

Based on studies, the drivers making use of E-Logs had significantly lower rate of total crash and also significantly lower rate of preventable crash as compared to the trucks that aren’t equipped with the electronic driver logs.

  • Simplified Regulatory Compliance

While complying with ELD Mandate, the other regulations can be satisfied easily, including IFTA and also the inspection reports for Driver Vehicle.

If you’re thinking of buying a fleet tracking system, you better opt for providers with years of experience in this field. Though you can make your decision of purchasing the product on the basis of aesthetics, it is equally or more significant to consider the features. If you’re skeptical about choosing the right store, you can ask for recommendations from your trusted ones. You can also rely on the Internet and select the store that has earned great reputation for providing high-quality products at finest rates. You can browse through the websites and check what the former clients have to say about the products they offer.


The importance of electronic logging device is increasing day by day. With the use of ELD, fleet managers are using this device to calculate the HOS of the drivers. This device is available by the most reputed companies.