What you should know about Sucker Rod Pump Manufacturers India


Sucker Rod Pump Manufacturer India manufactures the rod pump and spare parts.

Being high in quality and being reliable, sucker rod pump has good performance even in complicated situations.

Let us understand the functionality of Sucker Rod Pump –

What are Sucker Rod Pumps?
It is an artificial-lift pumping system used to drive a downhole pump assembly with the help of a surface power source. In this, a beam and crank assembly create reciprocating motion in a sucker rod string that connects to the downhole pump assembly. It consists of a plunger and valve assembly which converts the reciprocating motion into vertical fluid movement.

A sucker rod is a steel rod typically, 25 and 30 feet (7 to 9 meters) in length and threaded at both ends.

How does a Sucker Rod Pump Work?
As the sucker rod pump rocks back and forth, the rod string, sucker rod and sucker rod pump are activated. Just like a piston inside a cylinder, the sucker rod lifts oil from the formation, up till the tubing and into a holding tank on the surface.

Components of the sucker-rod lift system

The individual component of sucker rod pump can be divided into two segments- surface and downhole equipment.
The surface equipment includes the prime mover that provides the driving power to the system, the gearbox, the pumping unit, polished rod, and the wellhead assembly.

Whereas, the downhole equipment includes the rod string and the pump plunger.

Advantages of Sucker Rod pumps
There are many advantages of sucker rod pumps, such as –


  • It has a simple design and is efficient and easy to use in operations.

  • It can pump a well down to very low pressure.

  • It is flexible and can match displacement rate to good capability.

  • It can lift high temperature and can use gas or electricity as a power source.


Types of pumps

It has two main types of pumps i.e. Rod and Tubing.

Rod pumps are also known as insert pumps because they can be inserted in the production tubing. Tubing pumps are named so because the working barrel of this pump is with the production tubing string.

1.Rod pumps

It is an artificial-lift pumping system and it uses a surface power source to drive a downhole pump assembly. A beam and crank assembly create motion in a sucker rod string which connects to the downhole pump assembly.

2.Tubing Pumps

Tubing Pumps are classified as high volume and heavy duty pumps.
The maximum production is expected with this type of pump in relation to the size of tubing. However, because of the large plunger diameter, the fluid load will be greater compared to an insert pump. Therefore, depending on the rod string and the size of the surface pumping equipment, the depth of a tubing pump at which it can run is limited.
The pump barrel acts as a section of the tubing.
The plunger and travelling valve run with the sucker rods in the well. The standing valve can be one of two types;  (I)fixed or (ii)retrievable.

(i)The fixed type
It is attached below the pump barrel as a part of the tubing string.
A larger valve can be installed along with a retrievable type but the tubing must be pulled in order to repair it. When barrel repairs are to be done on the tubing pump, the entire tubing string must be pulled. This is a more expensive operation than a simple rod pulling job, if we want to repair and reinsert a rod pump.

(ii)The retrievable type
Its standing valve rests in a cup type or mechanical type seating at the bottom of the tubing string. This can be removed with the sucker string with the help of a valve puller which is permanently attached to the lower end of the plunger.
The “TH” is an API. The barrel is connected to the bottom of the tubing, it then becomes a part of the tubing string. The “TH” pump is made for higher volumes and higher pressures. The extensions can be added with proper spacing to both top and bottom of the barrel. It will allow it to be a stroke through these pumps.
For example, Barrels available in harden and honed, brass, steel chrome ID and NiCarb. It is manufactured with spray metal plungers.

Importance of Sucker Rod Pumps

Wells may flow naturally when they are first completed, but at some point, a pump is needed to aid in production.
That pump can be of different types, but the most common variety is going to be a mechanical lift. The majority of wells produce small amounts and use the mechanical lift to increase production because it is economical and reliable. There are three general parts to a mechanical lift: (I)The prime mover at the wellhead (ii)the pump downhole and (iii) The rod string that connects the two.
As the name explains, this component of the pump consists of a long string of sucker rods that are threaded together. The prime mover at the wellhead moves up and down and the rod string that runs through the tubing, which in turn communicates that motion to the pump and producing oil.

How to choose the right Sucker Rod Pump Manufacturer India?

It is not very difficult to choose the right Sucker Rod Pump Manufacturer.
The important thing is to prioritize your requirements and then select a manufacturer.
Important aspects are functions, flow control and pump operation and also your budget.
The pumps should be selected according to the use.

With the help of above information, keep your requirements precise and then choose a manufacturer.