How Useful Is Internet Protocol Based PBX Phone Systems In The Medical Practice


Private Branch Exchange (IP PBX) phone are systems that are based on one of the telecommunication protocol that is Internet Protocol. These phone systems are proved to be highly efficient and beneficial in taking good care of the patients. These phones have been used since a decade in medical care unit to route phone calls to right extensions in an organization.

Talking about medical care, there is a wonderful opportunity to mix voice and data by carefully integrating digital health records of the patient with the IP-PBXs system and practice management systems.  Grandstream phone has found to be immensely advantageous in the medical care unit. Let us see some of its benefits:

Patient Information flashes in the screen

When any patient calls in the medical institution that makes use of PBX systems, then the caller identity is reflected on the phone in the form of caller number. After identification of the calling patient, this system also shows the geographical details of the patient, appointments, summary of encounters in the practice management system (PMS).

Making faxing simple

Faxing is considered to be very complicated and crucial to implement in various telephonic systems yet these Internet Protocol Based systems have simplified this process. Electronic data such as information contained data in the EHR can be easily faxed via these phone systems over the telephone network. A doctor can easily fax the record of a patient to another doctor simply by feeding the details through a fax machine etc.

Help you not miss your appointment

The PBX system automatically calls the patient and reminds them about their upcoming appointment so that they can get them scheduled.

Suitable for critical circumstances

Handling emergency situations has never been so easy. This phone system helps in prioritizing calls based on the severity of the situation. Emergency calls are directly and instantly forwarded to 911. The calls of patients who have recently gone through an ambulatory procedure are forwarded to the phone of the concerned doctor. All other departments also receive notification about such emergency through the answering service or voicemail.

Regularises the payment

This facility offered by the phone system reminds the patient about the payment of their due balance. The module contained in the phone calls the concerned patient and sends a voice message stating about the over-due balance and requested to deposit the same. Facility to make instant payment is also available on the phone by following the IVR instruction.

Refill your medical prescription

By following the IVR instruction on the phone, a patient can also refill the prescription of the said doctor. You need to tell the name of the doctor, and the system starts a program to approve or reject the refill.

Thus, an Internet Protocol based PBX system helps in effective management of the phone system confined in the four walls of a medical organization in place of a huge network of routers and switches that the telecom companies use to send voice and data signals across the country or across the globe.