How to Quiet Dirty Texts on Your Teens’ Smartphones?


In this time and age of the digital era, parenting is getting even harder and more complex with the passage of time. There was a time when hardly a few people had phones for talking to their loved ones and communication. But life after 2000 changed dramatically and we witnessed a technological revolution that handed smartphone in everyone’s hands.

Parents feel really disturbed when they find out how their kids and children have become robots and addictive to the internet, smartphones and social media sites. There seems to be no option for the parents other than preventing the use of phones. But they should not be really worried as we have found a way for them to help them ensure safe use of the phones in their kids.

Dirty Text Messages and Teens

Literally, there are millions of people who still use text messages when it comes to communication and talking to some. Messages are safe and they don’t disturb anyone. Calls take time. So teens and kids also prefer text messages. Few years ago, text messages were popular but nowadays, the apps let people send free messages.

WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, Skype, Instagram and many others are the best messaging services. These all are free to use and all you need is to have a stable internet connection to use these apps. The best thing is users can also send audio messages, make calls, enjoy video conferencing and send images and files. Things have gotten better over time.

But the worst thing that text messages brought with them was dirty talk and sexting. Yes, many of you will be familiar with the sexting trend in the teens and kids these days. When teens and kids have phones, they find people of their choice and likes. They start talking to them and it ends up in sexting. In text messages, it was not as dangerous as photos and media was not shared.

But these days, dirty talking and sexting have become harmful and risky too. Kids share nude photos with the strangers and people they have never met or known. Their private images are vulnerable and can be shared online. In the dark web, you will find millions of such photos. This causes humiliation as well as disgrace. That is why parents should put a stop on dirty talks.

Preventing Dirty Talks in Teens

It is really important that parents should prevent and quiet the dirty text messages on their teens’ phones. This will otherwise damage the brain development of kids and make them vulnerable to other threats. For this reason, we have listed below the process on how parents can deal with this menace.

Use a Spy App

The best option to prevent sexting in the teens is to use a good parental control or spy app. You will find many apps out there in the market which allow the users track any smartphone in the world with great care and privacy. BlurSPY is one of the best spy app in the market these days. It has become the top choice of the users for its features and great performance.

Screen Recorder

Here is the most advanced and the top feature of BlurSPY app which is really helpful when it comes to preventing sexting in the kids and teens. With this feature, parents can get access to the smartphones of their children. The feature shows the complete screen of the phone. So parents will find out if their children are doing dirty talks on their phones. Then they can block the numbers and messages.

Message Tracker

Apart from this, BlurSPY also offers another useful feature which is called the message tracker. With this option, it is easy to spy on the messages on any target phone. Parents will get access to all the sent and received messages. They can also block messages from any unwanted numbers and people.


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