Eld Mandate- A Step Ahead


Eld Mandate is a greater manifestation of the present day technology that lead to the growth and development of the present day automobile business world. Previously People were accustomed to the long term wait and improper delivery of items. Drivers were unable to inform about the rest hours and current issues regarding deliveries on their way and thus faced huge problem thereafter in the long run. Not only the drivers but the back office executives as well as the customers were extremely harassed without any sense and running a business successfully.

Earlier job records used to be maintained manually leading to a host of mismanagement regarding payments and further continuation of duty as per schedule. But nowadays this matter has been solved and truckers are harmoniously doing their routine job. Sudden rest or incidents are really taken care of with the help of the Eld Mandate. Thus it gives a tension-free job life. No misconception or misunderstanding happens due to the proliferated usage of Eld devices.

Value for Money

While using a certain machine, cost is as essential as the performance and it has to be decided whether buying the device is really a value for money or not. Low cost delivering lowest performance would not be beneficial each time.The hardware cost along with the monthly fee, amounts up to only a tiny volume of money allied to those others in the market has been noted. Since it is not at all costly it can be used by any individual either running business on his own or under any other company ownership.

FMCSA Certification

Certification means that the item which is licensed promises certain bottom amenities and consumers may expect for a better enactment than others since it is patented and certified by a reputed organization.Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration apparently known as (FMCSA), being an attribute of automobile business industries, accordingly distinguishes the ELD Mandate as one of the premium selections in the history of industrial expansion.

  • Easy Installation
  • User-Friendly Software
  • Wide-ranging Precision
  • Accurate HOS Maintenance

These are certain exclusive features that have made the device FMCSA recognized. As a result, offices and factories are opting for it without any doubt or tension. It has therefore proved to be a blessing for the recent vehicle truckers.

FMCSA Eld has the chief characteristics of offering electronic logbooks for truck drivers so as to pledge a safe drive, pleasure of HOS agreement and save job period. E-logging scheme being truthful and sincere, it has solved a lot of issues related to automobile services on roads. One can link with the customers and back end officers simultaneously together while driving vehicles.

List of theskillsreceived from ELD Mandate

  • GPS Tracing:  one of the supplest and inexpensive ELD system.
  • Log Book Reviewing: Attaining real-time indications and impulsively revising records for HOS exploitations.
  • Electronic Logbook App plus ELD: Locating comprehensive task force live and getting information regarding the latest position and account of every automobile.