Understand Why a RAID is not Back-up Solution and RAID Data Recovery


It is important to reinforce that a RAID solution is not a backup solution in and of itself! A well-planned backup strategy – and it’s done right – is critical and indispensable in any environment, whether business or even domestic.

So what is the advantage of RAID?

Imagine the following: currently people / companies have been using 1 TB HD’s. RAID allows you to build a volume with 8 1TB HD’s, which means you have an 8TB logical drive. Taking this example case, if any manufacturer tries to produce a single HD with the same 8TB, the cost will be much higher than the 8 added 1TB HD’s. One must also take into consideration that making a backup of 8TB is something that generates a great expense for the company. Learn about advanced solutions at https://www.salvagedata.com/raid-data-recovery-nyc-ny/.

What is the risk of using RAID as a backup?

Using a backup folder inside the RAID does not guarantee any security for the company, we can say that it is the same thing that we bet all the chips in a single bet. The redundancy of disks has the function of protecting the RAID and not the data. Disk redundancy, in turn, is a palliative method so that the system is not unavailable.

Imagine the following example: you are riding a car and for some accident the tire has stuck, so the driver should replace it with the spare tire. Now, if the driver does not make that change and a second tire is stuck, having a spare tire does not solve anything, because the balance is two tires and only one hole to change. Following the same line, if the driver exchanges the flat tire and does not repair the hole in a rubber shop, the risk of riding with the car is still high, as he will be walking with a flat tire.

RAID works the same way. There is a mirror disk and a contingency disk, which has the function of occupying the position of a failed drive and keeping the system in operation, which ensures that you will not lose access to the server. Now if, like the spare, the failed drive is not repaired, the information it contains is at great risk.

Need to recover RAID?

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