Top 5 Apps to Help Improve Your Writing Skills


When you want to be a great writer, the most important thing you have to do is to keep writing. The more you write, the easier it becomes for you to express your feelings on paper. While trying to improve your writing skills, you should make use of all the help available online.

Reading reviews on sites like to get comprehensive assignment help is a great idea, but you can also utilize some highly effective apps that turn you into a great writer. Here’s a list of top 5 apps you should start using from today to be a better writer.studentScrivener

Are you trying to write an e-book, assignment, essay, or a screenplay? You need to get organized to produce quality work, and that’s when Scrivener will come to your rescue. Built with a notecard system, Scrivener is a highly powerful content generation tool for every new and experienced writer. You can compose long and difficult documents with ease. It also gives you control of the formatting. You can also use it to collect valuable information, order fragmented ideas, shuffle index cards, and publish what you have created.


This is a perfect choice for times when you don’t want to be hassled by formatting and other on-screen distractions. It goes full screen so you can have your focus on one thing only – that is, writing! It helps set your mood because you can use it to play hypnotic soundtracks and choose from a series of calming backgrounds. It simply provides you with the perfect writing environment that you need to explore your hidden creative side.


What could be a better way to write regularly than starting a blog? You have a knack for writing great content, so you should let others read and learn from your experience. The best platform you can use to publish and share your write-ups with others is WordPress. Powering more than 20% of the internet, WordPress is one way of ensuring that you keep in touch with writing and hone your skills through real practice. WordPress is free, easy-to-learn and use, and super easy to customize with themes and widgets.


Whatever tool or platform you’re using for writing, you will always have to worry about formatting your content before making it available for publishing. Some do it manually, while others use html. Both of these options can take a lot of time, and if you value your time, you should opt for iaWriter. The app helps you format your content using a markup language called “markdown”. It works automatically and formats your posts for html in real time. It may take a while to learn how it all works, but writing, revising, formatting, and publishing become easy once you get the hang of the markdown language.

Google Docs

To ensure quality, you need to ensure that an editor checks your work. Luckily, you can find a number of collaboration tools online, but Google Docs is probably the simplest of them all. It lets you share and collaborate your files with others. You can track changes and check new updates in real time. It’s the best app to have when you have a number of writers working on a single project.