The Potential Of Cloud Services That You Should Know


Cloud-based services are a type of service that supports tools and storage on the go through a remote location. Individuals and companies availing such a service can dump almost everything even the kitchen sink (if that sink is a form of data). It’s the new norm of storage since it’s on the go. A company can still operate in a different place effectively even if their servers are in a different location.

The cloud is awesome and you have already experienced its reliability over the years, not just to provide extra storage, but also a place where one can access various tools and services. Take IBM’s cloud service called Cloud400, Its a cloud service that has been used by various companies to aid them on various tasks and processes.

The cheaper service: Hiring a 3rd party is always cheaper since you no longer need to buy very expensive servers and hire people to manage them. The best part is that service charges are fixed, no maintenance, no extra space, and no hassle. Cloud400 is a trusted cloud service and if you haven’t tried it out, you should because you’re missing out on a lot.

Secure servers: Security has always been the concern, especially for companies holding large sums of private data for their customers. There will always be a threat and if there is, it’s always comforting to know that every bit of those data are secured and there’s nothing more secure than Cloud400. If you wish to know more about its security, visit their website at for more details.

Free trial: There’s a saying “the best things in life are free”. If you decide to try out the cloud-based products being offered and you’re still not quite on board yet, you will be glad to know that they have a free month premium trial (yeah just like Netflix), so that you will have the time to build that trust and get their service for good before it expires. Not all cloud services offer that value for money right there, for you.

The cloud is indeed the future, not just because it’s a revolutionary technology, but because it allows flexibility of accessibility that is cheaper thanks to 3rd party service providers. Since you’re you in the market looking for a cloud-based service, why not seek out iSeries cloud hosting? They have their top Cloud400 that will give you that flexibility and security that you need. The best part about it is that they are offering it at a competitive price and they will even throw in a free month trial for your doubts to go away. There are so many companies that have been using their service and you should too because why spend on some very big and expensive servers that take up space and requires more people to maintain, versus hiring 3rd party service providers that can get rid of all those issues without sacrificing your quality of service.