SHARK ION R85 vs iRobot Roomba 690—comparing The Two Options

iRobot Roomba

Shark Ion and Roomba are the top brands when it comes to creating smart and superior robotic vacuums. For comparisons, we are going to discuss the main differences and similarities between Roomba 690 and Shark Ion R85, which are exemplary in different ways, and have unique features. Check our article, which compare Shark and Roomba, so you can decide the one to buy.

Shark Ion R85—Everything to Know

The Shark Ion is light and small in size as it weighs only 5.5 pounds. The unit is designed thin enough to pass smoothly below coffee tables and couches, which are hard to reach using ordinary robot vacuums. The Shark Ion R85 runs on the lithium-ion battery and allows for easy charging and recharging. The vacuum is created up to three times more powerful compared to its predecessor R75. It does the job of cleaning pet hair exceptionally well. It features the self-cleaning brushroll technology, which work efficiently to untangle strings and fur, so it does not affect the process of cleaning pet hair.

Owing to its amazing features and design, the robot vacuum work incredibly to remove pet hair in carpets and hardwood flooring. The HEPA filtration system helps make it possible to clean stuff such as powders. And the best thing is, this robot vacuum allows you to set schedules to follow via your smartphone or Amazon Alexa. With a single but pressing, you can remove the dirt in the dustbin, which is usually around 21 ounces.

IRobot Roomba 690—all you Should Know

The Roomba 690 is designed to make it possible for users to restrict the areas the vacuum can reach while in use. The dual mode virtual wall barrier can be placed in different areas, within the room being cleaned so it can restrict the movement of the robot vacuum, ensuring it stays within the restricted area. Just like the R85, The Roomba 690 lets you schedule cleaning by use of an Amazon Alexa or Smartphone. The good news is that it packs more features when in comparison with R85, including but not limited to patented dirt sensors, edge-sweeping brush, and multi-surface brushes. The dirt sensors allows the vacuum to change its cleaning speed and suction, ensuring you efficiently clear out all the dirt within the target surface. The edge-sweeping brush allows for easy cleaning of the edges and corners, while the multi-surface brushes works amazingly to detect themselves automatically.

The iRobot’s Roomba 690’s battery life is estimated to be one hour and half, which is way more than the Shark R85’s by up to 30 minutes. When the robot vacuum’s battery go down, it is designed to automatically go back to its charging dock, which once fully charged will resume to its normal cleaning.