Most Reliable iPhone Battery Fix in Singapore


iPhone Repair Center in Singapore

Mobile phones are the fastest means of communication which had reached today in remote areas as well. Thanks to technology that has offered a wonderful opportunity to stay connected with your loved ones who are spread all across the world. Get handy this electronic gadget that comes with a lot of features and is powered with a long-lasting battery that works up to 2 years with 400 charges to offer a higher rate of performance. But where to go when your iPhone battery is dead? Do some paperwork to find the battery replacement for iPhone! If not then get your iPhone battery replaced at any of their authorized Apple service centers or take your phone to third party repair centers instead of dropping your gadget in the hands of local dealers. BreakFixNow in Singapore is one of the most admired walk-in Phone repair centers whose team is skilled and well trained to offer the best phone services. Though the Apple service center is a bit expensive their services are trustworthy. Believe me, your phone is in safe hands as their professionals offer the best service that is value for money.

Things you need to know before you change your iPhone battery:

If you are a resident of Singapore then make sure you take your iPhone to BreakFixNow whose dedicated team is determined to offer excellent service.

  1. Before you get your iPhone to them you can self check your iPhone battery health by opening the settings app. Click on the battery health and monitor the indicators which state Maximum capacity and Peak performance capability.
  2. If your iPhone battery health is less than 85% then you need to change the battery. Whereas if your iPhone battery health shows 95-100% and doesn’t last more than 4 hours of usage then you should visit BreakFixNow whose team will help you to rectify the prime cause.
  3. Sometimes your iPhone battery may get overheated when using 4G network or high-intensity apps. Your device may shutdown unexpectedly or during that time your battery starts bloating as a result of which it starts pushing the screen towards upwards. From that point in time, you will experience that your device stops getting charged.
  4. Hence do not wait until your iPhone battery starts to bloat and results in your screen to pop up. It is very dangerous and in case it bursts harmful toxic gases and liquids start getting mixed in the air which can block your oxygen intake and cause the death of the person.
  5. For your information, the average lifespan of any iPhone battery is about 500-700. When it completes one cycle life it is defined as 1 full charge. The lifespan of the battery may increase or reduce depending on phone usage.
  6. The price of the iPhone battery varies depending on the model of the iPhone. The different iPhone models include IP 6, IP 7, IP 6+, IP 7+, IP 6s, IP 8, IP 6s+, IP 8+, IP X, IP Xs, and IP Xs Max. Every piece is unique and may cost you around $30 to $60.
  7. For more information, you can reach Apple or visit the official website of iPhone Battery Health. Their Customer Support Team is always ready to help you most possibly. Stay connected with them as they are available 24/7 to assist your queries and offer you unbeatable quality service.


I hope you got an idea of where to change your iPhone Battery! BreakFixNow is recognized as iPhone Service Center in Singapore after Apple who pays attention to address all your queries and strives to meet their customers’ expectations. No matter which iPhone model you are using take the device to them as they are specialized to fix any issue. Apart from them, you can also take your device to Apple Service Center but they offer services that are a bit expensive which a lower-income person cannot afford.