Modern Options In The Sphere of IT Outsourcing


Though IT outsourcing is not a novelty, many people do not realize the full potential of the service. Today, we will talk about some essential features, taking a renowned outsourcing company Helpware as an example.

Customer Care

Delegating control over the customer environment is one of the most remarkable options among all Helpware solutions. The feature has grown from simple question answers to a complicated system aimed to satisfy, guide, and attract new clients. The minimal options include:

  • Creation of the branch communication system. A client can choose from many traditional (phone calls) and modern (online chats, messengers) to contact a company.
  • Client accompaniment from the decision to purchase the confirmation of client’s satisfaction with the product.
  • Creation of comprehensible descriptions and guides concerning a product or a service of your company.
  • Raising your company’s overall image in social networks, forums, etc., to produce leads and generate loyal clients.
  • Collaboration of the outsourcing team with the sales department to manage the discounts, bonuses, and loyalty programs.

From its side, a Helpware company guarantees customer support that will solve all the problems, save your actual customers, and attract more people to your brand.

Setting Up The Office Environment

When you feel that your team’s resources leak to nowhere, the Back Office Support package from Helpware can do the trick. Under this simple name, we must understand the following features aimed to ease your work environment:

An outsourcer will optimize the order processing. Using powerful tools, the team manages the orders, purchases, claims, and sales. In the end, you get an optimized environment comfortable for both customers and personnel. Also, the outsourcing company provides you with reports and recommendations concerning new features and ways of improvement.

Database management is another must for a successful company. For instance, Helpware experts will handle each team member’s access levels, options, and possibilities.

Do not forget about web research, which usually involves the biggest part of your resources. Today, a team of experienced marketers can provide you with analytics and algorithms and easy-to-perform instructions for the significant quality rise.

Machine Learning

Today, a self-respecting outsourcing company must involve the newest technologies. The brightest example is a new Taskware feature.

Experts from Helpware create algorithms and neural networks to make traditionally manual duties automatic.

The branded Microtasking Platform starts with simple content moderation, eliminating unwanted comments, spam, or trash from your environment. The team launches machine learning in different order processing stages, depriving your personnel of routine and boring actions. As a result, you get resources saved for more essential tasks.

As you can see, today, IT outsourcing can handle many different tasks. With new technologies, the available options multiply. Along with considerable pricing and availability, this service becomes more and more attractive for top managers.