Guide to A Good on Page Optimization Strategy


Well, despite the fact that Backlinks may be still going strong for offline page optimization in Search engines signal, it can be deceptive that your business will benefit from backlinks alone.  It’s possible to have the most appealing backlinks but without a well on page optimization checklist, with good keywords, backlinks will never attract traffic to your site. Therefore you need to use them in order to optimize your page. On the page, optimization is the key to a well-round optimized site.

How to start optimizing site page to page

There are a number of ways that you can use to ensure that all your pages on your site are well optimized. The very first one is the use of good keywords. This comes under the title tags. The title must capture your focus keyword. If you place the keywords closer to the beginning of your title, then it gives a higher probability of your page being ranked higher. Unlike in the content, titles must make sense. Also, the use of keyword on the title must be natural. The title tags should also consider the length of the title. Every title that is longer than 70 characters is always cut off in the search results and it will not give the reader a good impression. Remember the CTR is very important when it comes to SEO.

The other thing that a on page optimization checklist, includes is the meta descriptions.  Keywords are also required in Meta descriptions. Well, Meta description might not affect rankings directly, however they really increase the CTR when they are well written. For high CTR, a Meta description must be well written and convincing. Yes, the short description that comes immediately after the title is the Meta description. A well-articulated Meta description with the right keywords sends a signal to the reader of whether he/or she can get the right information from that particular page. This, in turn, can have a direct impact on the rankings. A standard Meta description should be kept between 150 and 160 characters.

As a business person marketing the business online, you should think of how metadata would influence your readers to click on your results against many competitors available on the search engine listing? Of course, a good title and well-articulated Meta descriptions work so well. Even when you check at the on-page optimization checklist, they are among the first key things to observe in SEO strategy.

The other tags to take care of are the header tags if your content contains headings ensure they are catchy short and relevant. A reader will be bored if he /she find a page with boring headlines which are too long to understand.

Finally, check on URLs and the images used.