Beginner’s Tips for The Sims 4: Read Here and Learn the Basics!


Keeping your virtual doppelganger alive, healthy, and well in The Sims 4 is a difficult task, to begin with. Besides thinking about how to feed them every day, most of the players need to keep these virtual characters physically and emotionally stable. For a pro gamer, this might not be your problem, of course, because you might be knowledgeable enough with the game and the rules. However, if you are new in the game, it can be a little bit overwhelming and confusing to start, that’s why today’s article will get you covered from these issues.

Not only this article will serve you as your beginner’s guide, but it is also written to give you some useful tips and tricks to keep your virtual characters alive and kicking!

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Take Care of Your Character’s Needs

Just like in the previous released of the game, each Sims have different needs that a player should meet. In the current Sims 4, there is a total of six classifications that players should keep their eye on. When the game starts, the list of these needs will be displayed in the green bar, and you must keep this color at all times. If you happen to neglect any of these classifications, as the day continue to pass by, these green bar could turn to yellow, orange, and even red. The color red represents that things are getting worse for the character’s overall conditions, plus, it has serious consequences, so it’s advisable to stay on top.

For you to check your virtual character overall status to make sure that their needs have been met, simply click on the smiley face at the bottom right corner.

Understand Your Character’s Aspiration

In the game, your character’s aspiration is long-term goals which will aid them to give your character something they want to achieve. Moreover, it is also the option that will appear when you create your character from the start, so knowing the consequences of your option is essential. Here’s the deal, as aspiration also changes from human in real life, you may also change your dreams for your virtual character if you think that something is not going right with the character. For you to do this, simply click the star symbol at the bottom right corner.

To give you a short but brief explanation of how does aspiration choices can affect the lives of your virtual characters. For beginners, aspirations can change their personalities, but there are options to choose from their careers and skills. For example, if you want the Fortune aspiration, the effect to your character would need to earn a lot of money from the choice of his or her career.

With the help of the Knowledge aspiration option, it’ll be a big help to lift up your skill that can be used along the process. The option of rotating the camera in 3 dimensions is the thing that makes the game the best game. If you don’t know how to rotate the camera then visit To know the setting behind rotating camera.

As mentioned above, if your chosen aspiration is not paying off the character, you can simply change or alter them during the process, you’re allowed to switch things according to your new will and go completely in an opposite direction.

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