Are elevator door ads worth it?


Gone are the days when only TV ads were the methods of spreading advertisements about a particular brand or company. As soon as the increase of internet increases the way of spreading of ads also increases.

You may know that how common Facebook ads or Instagram ads have become. But have you ever thought apart from social media are there any other effective ways of advertisement. Trust me, you will get surprised if I tell you yes they are. And they are quite effective as well. Apart from social media ads which are online ads, elevator door ads also work very effectively. As you know that technology is advancing and improving day by day. Just like instead of watching TV people are relied on smartphones. Such is the case in offline world as well. People are highly or truly dependent on technology. Be it cooking or doing anything. Actually the point is people these days are using lifts and escalators only instead of stairs. Why? They are very busy because of workload. Or have become a bit lazy because of introduction of technology.

Whatever may be the reason let me tell you people are using lifts or escalators a lot. They use it at the time of going to office, going to market, returning from office or going anywhere. They use lifts at home from going one floor to another. Or they use lifts when they are at shopping centres. So now that you know how beneficial lifts are and how much importance they hold in an individual’s life. And you also know people use lifts at least two times a day for sure. Now let me ask you one question if they use lifts and lift doors many times how many times would they check the ads that are stuck on escalator doors? Yeah! I’m talking about the same digital lift ads about which the article is all about.

There are various companies that have introduced the new advertisement solution for elevator doors. They generally consist of a short distance projector which is capable of being operated in daylight.

These digital lift ads are typically useful for the purpose of advertisement. And have gained very much popularity in past few years. Are you worried about ads for your business or company? Then you can try digital lift ads or elevator ads because they are very useful and are easily accessible. The cost of elevator door ads is not much high. And it is available in India and in various other parts of the world as well. Be it India, US, England or any other it’s available in every part of world. And whoever wants to have elevator door ads they can get it because it has become really worth the money in past few years. If you spend money on digital lift ads you surely will get benefit in the form of sales and revenues for your company. And greater the sale you have for your company. The greater will be the business opportunities for your brand.