If music is what soothes you and makes you feel great then you must listen to it as often as possible. But again, if you don’t have the right tool in hand to play your tracks or songs then you need to get one. The android platform is flooded with options when it comes to music players and apps. You can get the best ones that suit your taste and suffice your needs.

You can check out third party play store 9apps and get all types of dynamic, stunning and effective applications for your music ventures. Keep on reading to find out some of the most popular and best musical applications on android.

  1. Phonograph

Phonograph is one of the finest -looking music players for Android. It features a material design interface that simply gets out of your way, permitting you to focus on only playing music.The application supports the most common music formats and it automatically downloads missing information from your media like that of album art. A tag editor is also encompassed if you want to edit song tags manually such as title, artist for single songs or even that of whole albums. Moreover this application Phonograph also possesses a few customisation options in the settings in case you want to dig into that.

  • Musicolet Music Player

With no types of ads or sneaky in-app purchases, and no needs to connect to the internet, Musicolet is one of the most realistic music player apps for Android out there. The application is good too and has the usual smattering of features like that of equalizers, embedded lyrics, sleep timer and full granular folder browsing. Its UI is wonderful and simple, and instead of experimenting with silly things like themes it gets you widgets and (*drum roll*) manifold listening queues!Even the paid music apps do struggle to keep up with such type of excellent feature-set.

  • Foobar2000

Thisvintage music player made its way to Android quite a couple of years ago. And the app has unapologetically maintained the simplicity and convenience of use that made it such a hit on PCs. The application supports a wide spectrum of audio formats, and as a nice bonus it also streams music to your Android device right from UPnP servers, making sure that you are always connected to your music on the home network.Moreover, this Foobar2000 is not at all flashy with its Android 4.0 interface and folder-based pattern. The app lacks many of the more advanced features you might find in other apps here, but in case you just want to listen to your songs collection with gapless playback, no less), then it might well be all you require.

  • PowerAmp

PowerAmp has been the go-to music application for various Android users over the years. With more than 50 million downloads, it’s certainly one you must consider if you’re looking for a spectacular music player for your phone. PowerAmp has a more complex interface than most music players, but that is simply because it packs a massive of features including gapless playback, themes, crossfade, lyrics support, widgets, and support for various types of playlists. You might also find a graphic equalizer, headset support, and even different customization options in the settings.

Thus, these four applications do demand your attention if you want to experience music in the best way on your android device.