Discover these tips to survive in Rust


If you are looking for tips on surviving while playing Rust, then you are in the right place. Click here for Rust hack.

Start from less to more

The mistake that many people make when they start in this game is to get into official or very large servers. Yes, it is very tempting to play on a server of five hundred people, but the reality is that you will end up insane to die within five minutes of reappearing in the world. What I recommend is to start in a tiny server, with ten or twenty active people and where they will not give you much of the pain. Visit this site for Rust hack.

Obviously, this is only to lay the foundations of the game and that you understand that the roll is going, once you understand the mechanics it is advisable not to get bored is to move to a somewhat larger server. I recommend you go to one with fifty active people, more or less, because if you try to go to a larger one it will be impossible for you to progress without having your house broken daily.

Make your house away from monuments, but without going over

A vital point in Rust is to decide where we make the house since it must be hidden enough so that not every god finds it, but at the same time not too far from everything to be able to go in search of loot.

My recommendation is that you spend your good time exploring the surroundings of the monument that interests you most (personally I recommend the nuclear power plant). You should look for how many neighbors are planted there and not start building your home more than ten minutes walk from that monument. I also recommend that you have several houses scattered across the map, in case you are assaulted by one, not having to start from scratch.

You will have to loot like crazy

Last and most important, the loot. For those who do not know what the word or the act of looting means, it is basically repeating the same process to get items, materials or what we want to achieve. In this case we will have to spend many many hours in the monuments picking up the boxes, obtaining plans, cutting wood, getting iron …

As much laziness as it gives us, we have to get to the idea that it is a fundamental pillar of the game, or rather of the genre, and that we will have to devote many hours to it. To make it more enjoyable I recommend putting on background music or doing it while you chat with your playmates.

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